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This website features items from the Bambuco Archive collection. The full collection is available to anyone interested in Bambuco’s work to access, including researchers, academics, curators and students.
                The collection offers significant insight into the work of Bambuco and the industry in which they operated during the late 90s and early 2000s. As an Australian-based arts company delivering enormous site-specific sculptures to international arts festivals, the logistics were naturally complex. The Bambuco Archive provides a unique snapshot of how projects of this scale and complexity come together.
                The collection includes documentation of Bambuco projects and company administration, as well as a number of unexecuted works and independent projects  by Artistic Director Simon Barley. Most of the collection has been digitised for ease of access and ongoing preservation, however, all drawings and prints have also been kept in hard copy format.
                The items in the collection span a number of functional areas including research and development, construction and performance, marketing, grants, financial records, business development and planning, and include documents, sketches, videos, photographs and bamboo models.

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