Arch I (1998)

Sketch for Arch I (1998)
S1300064 / Bambuco Archive

Bambuco was invited to construct Arch I in Manila, in the Philippines, as part of a cultural showcase through the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Many factors meant the final piece was not what it was visualised to be, including inclement weather and materials arriving ten days behind schedule.
                Arch I was a significant project for Bambuco as it was their first international work. The project also saw Erik Pootjes come on board to direct the crew so that Simon could focus on artistic direction.
                For Simon, the Arch I project provided him with valuable lessons in team management, logistics and the technical aspects of the build. One of the most important observations was noticing that the crew member who was a rock climber moved over the structure better than anyone else. This meant that for all subsequent projects, local people with rock climbing expertise were hired and then trained to work with bamboo.

Development work for Arch I (c.1997)
S200310 / Bambuco Archive

Arch I, Baguio Festival, Manila (1998)
S301184 / Bambuco Archive

Documentary of Arch I (1998)
S301168 / Bambuco Archive