Travelling Curtain (2007)

Travelling Curtain, Perth International Arts Festival (2007)
Photo by Michelle McFarlane
S301207 / Bambuco Archive

Travelling Curtain transformed the centre of Perth, Australia across two weeks during the Perth International Arts Festival in 2007. The massive bamboo structure moved from Stirling Gardens, along St Georges Terrace and finished at the Perth Concert Hall, eating its tail as it went (lengths of bamboo were taken from the back of the structure and carried to the front, making the curtain ‘move’ forward).
                It was made from 10m lengths of bamboo that were easy enough to manoeuvre back and forth using just the power of people. After two weeks of movement, the entire structure was disassembled and gone. The project involved the local community through skill building workshops and in the movement of the actual structure — participants were able to influence the progress and shape of the work.

Travelling Curtain maquette (2007)
Photo by Michelle McFarlane
S301206 / Bambuco Archive

Performers on Travelling Curtain (2007)
Photo by Michelle McFarlane
S301208 / Bambuco Archive