Nomads’ Land II (2004)

Nomads’ Land II, Les Invites, Villeurbanne (2004)
S301214 / Bambuco Archive

Patrice Papelard, Artistic Director of the Les Invites Festival in Villeurbanne, saw the performances of Nomads’ Land I at Angers and commissioned Nomads’ Land II for his city. In April 2004 Bambuco performed a work which was an extension of the Street of Swings and other installations that had worked so well in Angers.
                The further development of Nomads’ Land continued the shift away from the singular structures that Bambuco had previously built to smaller ones at multiple sites. The work also developed an interest Simon Barley had in the cohabitation of performers and audience within the one space, the main feature of the work Hibiki and Kuukan.

Construction of Nomads’ Land II (2004)
S301215 / Bambuco Archive