Human Momentum I & II (2005/06)

Human Momentum II maquette (2006)
S200332 / Bambuco Archive

Human Momentum was a project that began its life as part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival in 2005. The main structure was almost 30m long and 10m high, supported by six cigar-shaped structures. The work was positioned at Federation Square and contained a number of ‘contraptions’ that were to be worked by the audience, using human energy to propel water around the bamboo structure. The audience also interacted with performers — moving water to one area moved a performer up or down by way of counter-balance.

ABC TV Sunday Arts feature of Human Momentum I (2005)
Produced by Martin Theile
S400030 / Bambuco Archive

Human Momentum encompassed a number of community engagement workshops, both during the Melbourne Fringe Festival and when the structure moved to Bendigo for Festival Melbourne (the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games Cultural Program). It was an important part of the cultural program to include community outreach, similar to Bambuco’s work on Reach for the Manchester Commonwealth Games. 
                Bambuco worked with disadvantaged young people from the local Bendigo area, teaching them skills in production, construction and performance, as well as engaging young people in Melbourne to develop circus skills and improve physical fitness.

Human Momentum II workshops (2006)
S301212 / Bambuco Archive

Construction of Human Momentum II (2006)
S301204 / Bambuco Archive