Souk (2005)

Souk maquette with sketches (2004)
S200176 / Bambuco Archive

Souk was a centrepiece of the 2005 Bellingen Global Carnival. The work aimed to raise the profile and visibility of bamboo and provide inspiration for innovative and creative ideas in its use and construction. The project resulted in a dramatic and interactive performance space called the ‘souk’ (an Arabic word for market).
                Bambuco worked with the regional community to develop and construct the performance space through a variety of workshops and work experience opportunities. The structure was built with locally harvested bamboo and comprised a set of linked interiors that could be entered into from multiple points. Souk incorporated soundscapes, mime, shadow puppetry, marionettes, spoken word and creative workshops.
                The project assisted local youth services and arts bodies to support young people in a region of extremely high unemployment. Transferring skills in practical construction, collaboration and safe working practices was a key outcome of the project — providing confidence and skills development that could then be applied to other working environments.