Hibiki and Kuukan (2003)

Sketch for Hibiki and Kuukan (2003)
S1300154 / Bambuco Archive

In 2003 Bambuco collaborated with Japanese musicians Bamboo Symphonia for Hibiki and Kuukan commissioned by the Melbourne Festival. This project allowed Bambuco to explore the creation of a more intimate indoor space which the audience and musicians would cohabit during each performance. Hibiki and Kuukan  was performed at the George Adams Gallery at the Victorian Arts Centre.
                It was the first time musicians played the bamboo structure as though it was an instrument. For Simon Barley the result was unexpected and pleasing, and opened up a range of new directions in which the work could develop. The bamboo for this small-scale project was sourced locally in Brisbane, rather than importing from China. 

Video of Hibiki and Kuukan (2003)
S300004 / Bambuco Archive