Scaff I (1998)

Scaff I, Performing Arts Market, Adelaide (1998)
S301119 / Bambuco Archive

After receiving some funding from Arts Victoria to help with the development of ReoAir’s Arch project, construction began at Simon’s parents’ property near Forrest, in western Victoria in 1997.
                Due to ongoing disagreements between the team, Simon disbanded ReoAir and continued to develop the structure under the name Bambuco. This structure eventually turned out to be Scaff I for the Australia Council Performing Arts Market in Adelaide.
                Collaborating with theatre company 5 Angry Men, Scaff I was built as a structure for their performance of The Bells. The show was very successful and went on to tour Europe for three years.

Scaff I with 5 Angry Men, Performing Arts Market, Adelaide (1998)
S301113 / Bambuco Archive